Reusable Hand Control Pencil

Reusable Hand Control Pencil

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1 Reusable switching pencil with UP/DOWN/POWER hand control and flexible10ft. (3.0m) cord. (Fits Hyfrecator 2000 only).

Perform high (radio) frequency current cutting and coagulating.

  • Appropriate switch sensitivity.
  • Clear & appropriate switch position, with gentle “click" when activated.
  • Streamlined
  • Anti-slippery surface.
  • Light weight.


  • Push button snap action switches.
  • Connector:
    • SW12200: Standard 3plug
  • PVC cable: 3M
  • Color:
    • SW12200: Standard - Blue for Pencil, Cable, & Connector.
    • SW12200-B01: White Pencil, Blue Cable.
    • Optional: Any color difined by a customer.
  • Electrode: Blade 70mm Stainless Steel (Optional Non-Stick Surface Treatment).

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