Vital Sign YK-8000A

Vital Sign YK-8000A

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This screen has a 7-inch high-resolution display.

The sleeker, lighter design is more convenient and portable for users.
Our S-T segment analysis is live and in-depth so that you can easily spot anomalies and get the treatment you need before they become worse. An example of an issue we would help spot is a pacemaker detection.

Various interfaces: standard screen, trend screen, oxy CRG screen, NIBP list screen, big front screen.

3-level audio/visual alarms.
Up to 400 groups NIBP list, 6000seconds, ECG waveform recall, 60 alarm event records recall, 7-day trend chart in storage.

USB rechargeable lithium battery with up to 2-hour worktime.
This wireless central monitoring system is perfect for intensive care units, surgical centers and operating rooms.

Standard configuration: SpO2, PR, NIBP, TEMP
Thermal Printer - This is an optional configuration, but you'll be able to print a full report of your patient's gas levels and body heat.

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