Slit lamp

Slit lamp

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Slit lamp RL3


The NEW 3rd Generation of classical style slit lamp with a modernized optical design, ergonomically combined to satisfy today's demanding of eye care professionals.

Classical Haag-Streit type slit lamp.

● Excellent optics with multi-layered, multi-coated system.

● Three convenient magnification ratios  of 10X,    16X and 25X selectable with  Galilean-type drum.

● Single-handed elevation system and easy-to-reach tilt mechanism.

● Optional external illumination system



 Type: Haag-Streit type Magnification Changing

System: Three position rotating drum Eyepieces: 12.5×

Angle between eyepieces: 13º PD

Range: 52mm~78mm

Dioptric Adjustment: ±6D 

SLIT ILLUMINATION Slit Width: 0~14mm, continuously variable

                                                        (at 14mm,slit becomes a circle)

Slit Length: 1~14mm, continuously variable

Illumination: LED bulb Slit Rotation: 0~180°, continuously adjustable both vertical and horizontal  

Slit inclination:  4 step:  5º、10º、15º、20º

Filters:   Thermal safety, UV, Red-free, Cobalt Blue

Aperture diameters: 14mm,10mm,5mm,3mm,2mm,1mm,0.2mm 



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