DeskTop Pulse Oximeter

DeskTop Pulse Oximeter

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DeskTop Pulse Oximeter
  • Simple keypad layout makes units especially user friendly.
  • Unique averaging sequencing technique updates values and provides faster response time.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Bright LED displays indicate oxygen saturation and heart rate from any angle and in most lighting conditions.

The portable pulse oximeter includes a pulse rate monitor and trend data. The compact unit is light and easy-to-use. It is able to be utilized as a stand-alone unit or as a handheld device. also offers extra benefits.

It is a user-friendly compact bedside configuration, boasting a large LCD and LED combo display

. An audible and a visual alarm are included. T

he device has a Nellcor-compatible sensor and has a RS-232 output (communication or printer).

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