Child Pulse Oximeter

Child Pulse Oximeter

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  • can be used on fingers/toes as thin as 8 mm (0.3 inches). This is the only finger oximeter on the market that has been cleared by the FDA for use on the toe. If the finger/toe is as thick as a Number 2 pencil then  can be used.

  • Easy to use; 1-button operation
  • Automatic power-off
  • Uses 2 x AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries
  • Available in a range of designs: standard blue, bear and frog
  • Paediatric, in this case, is typically 2 years plus

 Includes blue soft carrying case and silicone cover.

  • Clear, bright colour OLED display
  • Display can be viewed in 4 rotations
  • Adjustable brightness: 10 levels
  • Pleth waveform, displayed in 2 formats
  • Signal strength indicator

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