Ambu bag Silicon

Ambu bag Silicon

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  • 100 percent medical grade silicone material.
  • Latex free components
  • Available in polysulfone type.
  • Autoclave is possible without injury to the product.
  • Long-life and durable.
  • Various accessories and private label options.
  • The set includes PVC reservoir bag, silicon mask 5 and disposable oxygen tubing.
  • 40cm H20 pressure relief valve reduces risk of excessive ventilation pressure.
  • All in one intake valve.

Self Inflating Double Ended Silicone Bag(1600ml) with mounts, inbuilt reservoir valve and side oxygen inlet,

"L" type non-rebreathing valve, Mask Size "04" Clearhood facemask, Corrugated pipe for air oxygen mixing, 1.5 mtrs oxygen tubing, reservoir bag 2600ml for 100 % oxygen enrichment.

Durable, easy to use

,  used to provide artificial respiration to the drowning person once he is rescued

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