1. Fully stainless steel structure.

2. Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure.

3. Pressure safety lock.

4. Indicator light indicates working state.

5. Over temperature&over pressure auto-protection.

6. Double scale indication pressure gauge.

7. Self-inflating type seal.

8. Safe protection of water lacking.

9. Automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization.

10. Easy to operatesafe and reliable.

11. With two stainless steel sterilizing baskets.


Valid volume: 318 x 450mm

Working Pressure:  0.22Mpa

Working Temp: 134 deg c

Max working pressure:  0.23Mpa

Power Consumption:  2.5KW/220V 50HZ

Dimensions:  450x450x1010mm

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