• B- Ultrasound Diagnostic System-CMS600E

B- Ultrasound Diagnostic System-CMS600E  

The structure of this device is brief , high efficiency and stability

The probes offer a wide range of diagnostic applications

The latest probe production technic, multi-layer

Matched sound, wide –frequency

Adopt the full digital beam technic to have good

Received signal and resolution

Switch steady power is adopted, and the power adaptability is strong

Low power consumption , high reliability and no heat is brought when it works  continuately


Display mode: B, 2B , B/M,M

Image gray scale :256 levels

Monitor :10 inch CRT

Lateral Resolution:< 3 mm (near field)< 4mm

 (far field)

Axial Resolution :<2mm (far field)

Zoom :0.8, 1.0 ,1,2 , 1.3 , 1.5, 1,6, 1,8, 2.0

Dead zone : < 4mm

Scan depth :> 180mm

Cine loop :256 frames

Measurement : Distance, circumference ,area,

Volume , GA ,FW , EDD , heart rate

Comment :date& time ,name ,age , sex , doctor ,

Hospital , ID , obstetrics report , annotation

(whole screen comment input)

Body make :27

Image flip : Up /down ,left/ right , black/ white

Image process: Gama correction, histogram

External USB storage

Software : Obstetric

Dimension :340 (L) *350(W) *280(H) mm

Weight: 10 kg

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B- Ultrasound Diagnostic System-CMS600E

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