• Electrosurgical Unit  ZEUS-400/300/200

Electrosurgical Unit


The ZEUS series upgraded version provide safety flexibility and convenience by powerful and stable technology.

 10 storages are available by using user storage function.

Bipolar cut function is available.

Main Frequency : 400, 500KHz

Power Source : AC120V or AC230V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Protection class : Class 1, Type CF

Dimension(WxDxH mm) 330x455x150

·Weight : 13.0Kg

Output Specification





Pure cut

400W / 300Ω

300W / 300Ω

200W /

Blend 1

250W / 300Ω

230W / 300Ω

150W / 3

Blend 2

200W / 300Ω

180W / 300Ω

120W / 3

Blend 3

150W / 300Ω

120W / 300Ω

100W / 3

Contact Coag.

120W / 300Ω

100W / 300Ω

100W / 3

Spray Coag.

100W / 300Ω

80W / 300Ω

80W / 3

Bipolar Coag.

100W / 100Ω

80W / 100Ω

80W / 1

Bipolar Cut

100W / 200Ω

80W / 200Ω

80W / 2


Aapplication of zeus 400 electrosurgical unit

· General Surgery     · Urology

· Dermatology             · Orthopedics

· Vascular Surgery   · Oral Surgery

· Gynecology               · Plastic Surgery

· ORL/ENT                     · Endoscopy

· Pediatric Surgery

standard Accessories of zeus 400 electrosurgical unit

FS02-01R    Double Foot Switch

FS01-02R    Single Foot Switch

HD02-01D     Disposable Twin Button Handle

HD01-01R     Monopolar Handle & Cable

PL02-04R     Silicon Patient Plate(240X150mm)

PL03-02D     Disposable Patient Plate (2ea)

CA02-03R     Patient Return Plate Cable

CA03-01R     Ground Cable

CA01-01R     Bipolar Forceps Cable

BF01-01R    Bipolar Forceps(Bayonet 17.8cm 1.0 Tip)

EL01-02D     Electrode(Knife 2.4*70mm)

EL02-02D     Electrode(Ball 5mm)

EL03-02D     Electrode(Loop 6mm)

EL04-02D     Electrode(Needle 2.4*70mm)

EL04-04D     Electrode(Needle Angled 2.4*70mm)

 Features Zeus-400 electrosurgical unit

●  A display window allows you to easily check output value, indicated as digits.

●  Unit provides various functions that are required to  perform an operation as functional cut mode

(Pure cut, Blend1, Blend2, Blend3)Coagulation mode(Spray coag., Contact coag.), Bipolar coag. mode by hand or foot, Bipolar cut(ZEUS upgraded version only).

 ●  Each working condition can be checked by sound and indication lamp.

●  Hand bipolar(Auto bipolar)can be checked only by contacting Forceps.

●  Unit output strong and stable power by micro-processor.

●  Input power frequency is automatically detected.

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Electrosurgical Unit ZEUS-400/300/200

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