• High Suction Machine  40 litres

This model is a novel modeling, high vacuum, high flow and transportable medical suction unit. * Feature 1. Maintenance free, double piston cylinder, oil-less pump, and high flow rate, without pollution by oil mist. 2. The bottles hung beside the stand, easy to observe and operate. 3. Large-bore bottle with stopper having sealing ring is convenient to open and clean. 4. Overflow protection prevents liquid entering pump. 5. Transparent non-toxic PVC hoses and unique connections are easy to observe and link. 6. Air filter equipped reduces bacterium in absorbed liquid to environmental pollution. 7. Hand-switch and foot-switch installed in parallel can selected at will. 8. Stability and durability, low noise, high capacity, easy to use. * Specifications: 1. Max Vacuum:≥0.09MPa(680mmHg); 2. Vacuum adjustable range:0.02~0.09MPa(150~680mmHg); 3. Flow rate:≥40L/min; 4. Storage bottles: 3000ml×2; 5. Noise:≤60dB(A); 6. Input:250VA; 7. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz; 9. Carton G.W./N.W.:25.6/23 kgs.

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High Suction Machine 40 litres

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